The 46th Annual LGBT Pride Parade

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June 6, 2016
Furrer Jacot


Since the union of jewelry designers Fritz Furrer and Lucienne Jacot nearly 170 years ago, the message behind Furrer Jacot's jewelry has always been about Love.

We at Furrer Jacot understand and appreciate the hard work that the LBGT community has invested to gain acceptance and recognition.

Proud to support the advent of same sex marriage, Furrer Jacot have created a series of adverts, the first in the jewelry industry, to feature same sex couples. 


Joining forces with our retailer partner in San Franciso, Shreve & Co, we are celebrating the LOVE IS LOVE message with this eye-catching billboard in San Francisco in time to support the 46th Annual LGBT Pride Parade. 

Let's celebrate Love, Marriage and Partnership for all.

“We seal the most incredible bonds."