Exclusive designs from international award-wining designer, Lucas Ruppli

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September 18, 2020

Jewelry manufactory Furrer Jacot in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has been creating high-quality jewelry and wedding bands for years in accordance with the strict guidelines and high-quality of Swiss craftsmanship.  Lucas Ruppli is the multiple award-winning head designer. 

“I began my training as a goldsmith with Furrer Jacot at the age of 16. Today, I am responsible for all the designs as the head designer.”

Lucas Ruppli draws his inspiration from the every day. 

"It might be a snail shell or a fragment of a tile - we designers have a kind of antenna and discover inspiration everywhere."

Lucas Ruppli

He finds it particularly wonderful if the finished ring also reflects the original idea. 

After he has an idea for a piece of jewelry, he first draws the ring head by hand and then adjusts the ring step by step to make it suitable for production. He makes fine adjustments on the computer - perhaps to see what the ring would look like in different shades of gold.

This process can take anything from a week to a year - depending on how many rings there are in a collection and how quickly he is happy with the design.


About Design by Lucas Ruppli

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