Furrer Jacot Unique Swiss Made Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings Collection

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May 22, 2013
Furrer Jacot

When buying a Carbon Fiber ring as wedding band for yourself you can be sure that ring style will set you apart from those who have chosen a mainstream traditional band.

Carbon fiber is not only a very strong material, but also extremely lightweight –hence the reason it is being widely used in the aerospace industry, in race cars, high end sporting goods such as golf equipment etc. In combination with precious medal, it can give any jewelry an exclusive and very distinctive style.

With this innovative carbon ring collection, Furrer Jacot demonstrates that after 155 years the brand remains the world's leading wedding and fashion ring manufacturer. Each Furrer Jacot carbon ring is individually crafted and hand finished in Switzerland. The new collection features the highest Swiss quality carbon fiber roving (thousands of individual carbon fibers drawn together into a "thread"), which is wound by hand onto our rings.

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The Carbon Fiber is combined with Platinum, Palladium, White, Yellow and Red Gold, offering a wide array of choices and price points for every client. Especially the models in the warm red gold with Carbon Fiber have gotten a lot of attention.

The first Furrer Jacot carbon rings were introduced in 2012. Following the great reception and demand for these models, Furrer Jacot is launching 10 additional distinctive designs. While all styles can certainly be worn as wedding rings, they go far beyond to embody fashion rings at its best. The ladies rings are adorned with diamonds making these rings also the perfect right hand ring for every day wear.

It is impossible to find more exclusive carbon fiber jewelry –Furrer Jacot’s rings are perceptibly distinguished by a passion for detail, outstanding craftsmanship and the most innovative production methods.

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