Furrer Jacot’s Unique Engraving Service

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February 5, 2015
Furrer Jacot

What could be more romantic than having a personal inscription engraved in your wedding rings? 

The tradition of engraving messages inside a wedding ring has been with us since medieval times when inscriptions would be engraved on the outside of "poesy" rings, plain gold bands.  As engraving skills advanced, the engraving moved inside the ring to allow secret personal messages to be conveyed and today, engraving is still a popular addition to any ring, wedding or otherwise.  

Hand Engraving

The traditional art of hand engraving is a highly skilled profession and the craftsmen at Furrer Jacot have many years of experience.  Carried out by hand using only hand tools, this type engraving achieves a deep etching and a truly individual result.  Our engravers can engrave in any font or even faithfully engrave an inscription in your own handwriting. 

Create a truly personal and unique wedding ring - proof of your love and commitment to each other on your special day.

Handwriting engraving

Machine & Laser Engraving

For more complex requests, we can engrave using either classic engraving techniques or new laser technology.  A short message, name or date can be laser engraved into a ring or even a longer message or short poem can be engraved across several lines if the ring design allows.  We can even laser engrave a fingerprint of your loved one.  

The classic choice of initials with the date of your wedding date will provide you with a helpful aide memoire for those who do not always remember important dates!

This service is not just for wedding rings - this is part of the premium service we offer all our customers. 

Furrer Jacot has been providing traditional and unique craftsmanship of the highest standard since 1858.

Ringe, Lasergravur mehrzeilig in Gold Furrer Jacot