How to Buy an Engagement Ring

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January 10, 2015
Furrer Jacot

For some people, working up the courage to pop the question is the hardest part of becoming engaged. For others, finding the perfect engagement ring is the real challenge. Every woman is different and, no matter how much you may know your loved one, taste is something really particular, especially when it comes to jewelry. The style, to the size and shape of the stone, and the metal alloy, how do you guarantee that when you get down on one knee you will “wow” your future wife with both the perfect ring along with the anticipated question?

What is her style?

The main thing about an engagement ring is that it is supposed to be worn every day, for the rest of her life, so it has to be a ring that goes with her unique personality and style. A good start is to know what she likes, but that is pretty obvious. However, if that is not something obvious to you, you can secretly check her jewelry box and ask her girlfriends and family (especially her mother) for advice –as long as they are discreet enough to keep such a big secret. Ask them: “If she tends to be more traditional or she is more of the edgy type when it comes to her jewelry collection?” “Is her jewelry minimalist, very unique, avant-garde or vintage style?” “Has she ever mentioned which stone shape she would prefer as a center stone?” All of these are the attentions to detail that will make your decision the perfect decision!


How do I find out the finger size?

Borrowing one of her rings can be tricky and taking it to your jeweler might not be a good idea. So grab a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and trace the inside of one of her rings. If she is an in-between size make it a bit bigger, not smaller: it's easier to size-down and you will avoid the embarrassment of having a ring stuck in the middle of her finger right after she said “YES”!

Choosing the right stone & metal

If your loved one is into jewelry, especially those with diamonds, she might be open to a Marquise, Pear, or Cushion style. Emerald cut diamonds are very classic as well and have a sophisticated flair. Take the time to go see upscale retailers to familiarize yourself with the different shapes and designs. The most classic shape for the center stone however, is a round diamond.

When it comes to choosing the metal, always consider the jewelry she wears... If she is not a yellow gold kind of gal, right off the bat you already have a few options to choose from: Platinum or White Gold? Or maybe she is just obsessed with pink and you have a feeling that rose gold is the way to go.

How we do it at Furrer Jacot

Furrer Jacot is in the business of making luxury bridal jewelry for over 155 years. We offer a range of amazing handcrafted engagement rings –all crafted one at a time in Switzerland. When it comes to diamonds, we use only the highest quality and we treat each stone with great care. All stones are set by hand, done by our experienced diamond setters —no machines— to make sure it will last throughout your lifetime together.

Missing media.

This year, we launched our US exclusive engagement ring collection called “Lucienne” by Furrer Jacot. This collection is centered on round diamonds with micro pave. Micro pave is the line of diamonds surrounding the center stone- a design which embellishes the center stone itself. Please check out our collection and see how brilliantly they sparkle.

At Furrer Jacot, we understand how important this purchase is, and we’d love to guide you through this, along with this intense period of your life. Please don’t hesitate to call us at +1 646 289 52 89 and speak to our Engagement Ring specialist or info [at] (send us a message) if you have any other questions.