Letter from our CEO, Walter Häusermann

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January 21, 2013
Furrer Jacot


Why Carbon Fiber — Why Furrer-Jacot Men’s Jewelry?

Let me elaborate.


A watch has long been the only “jewelry“ piece a man wore. Today, many men around the world own an impressive watch. This is not the case for jewelry.

A watch is a status object; it lends a certain personality to its wearer. Jewelry is different: it supports his identity by underlining the personality of its wearer. That’s where we at Furrer-Jacot, want to step in with our exclusive Carbon Fiber Ring Collection, launched in 2012.

First: Carbon Fiber is used in high performance Sports, such as America’s Cup, Formula One, Skiing, and Golf. A Furrer Jacot man is a man who loves and appreciates performance and action.

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Secondly: Every Furrer Jacot Carbon Fiber band is individually hand wound around precious metal like Platinum, 18k Gold or 950 Palladium. This gives each Carbon piece its own individuality; no two rings are the same.
A Furrer Jacot man is an individual who thinks for himself.

In the course of every man’s life, he thinks about what matters; about life and the world for his family and friends. Every man strives to do what is right, to leave his mark during his life to bring us forward, to make a difference.

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Furrer Jacot's Carbon rings symbolize the bond of a man with himself and the world around him.

Therefore I invite you to have a closer look at our unique Carbon Fiber Ring Collection on our website: or by visiting one of our authorized retailers around the world.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at directly walter.haeusermann [at], or contact us at infoUS [at]
Our telephone number in the US is +1 646 289 52 89.

Yours sincerely,

Walter Häusermann
CEO and Chairman, Furrer Jacot