Six tips for choosing the right wedding ring

Posted on
April 13, 2021
Furrer Jacot


The first thing you should think about is the width of your ring. The right width will depend on the shape of your hands and the length of your fingers. Remember that different widths will feel different on the finger. For example, wider rings will feel snugger. 

We differentiate between the following categories:

  • Narrow: 2.00mm - 4.5mm
  • Medium: 5.00mm - 7.00mm
  • Wide: 7.5mm - 10.00 mm

The best way is to try on a 6mm wide ring and go from there. 6 mm is the most frequent width for men’s wedding rings.



You may have a preference or idea of what color you want your wedding ring to be. Perhaps you prefer a classic precious metal such as platinum, gold, or palladium. Platinum is the purest precious metal and remains white and stable for a long time without changing color. 

Gold is the absolute classic among wedding rings and is available in three tones: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Palladium is a good alternative to platinum, also exceptionally durable, and comes in a silver color tone. Palladium is used in many modern wedding ring designs.

All precious metals can be made in either matte or high polished finish.

Innovative carbon fiber is a black color alternative material that not only combines high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs but also brings out the structure of the hand-wound carbon fibers to the full. Carbon fiber is light, durable and a great option to achieve a modern look.

Another innovative material is ceramic. At Furrer Jacot, we use a hybrid ceramic mixed with synthetic compounds that provide a high-quality appearance and elasticity, so the ring will not break. It comes in a variety of colors, is heat resistant, and does not bleach or fade. 

 All our wedding rings are custom-made with a lot of love and attention to detail, so you do not have to choose one of the materials, you can combine them as you wish.



Gemstones make the grand finale with sparkling accents and you decide how many there should be. Here, too, there are countless possibilities - from one to several diamonds to different sizes and versions. At Furrer Jacot, all gemstones are carefully handpicked and ethically sourced. If you find diamonds too flashy and want something discreet, black diamonds in combination with carbon fiber are an excellent option. Customization requests can be implemented individually, one signature diamond can be added inside of your ring for a little secret sparkle.



This is an important step that often takes the back seat. By choosing a profile that is comfortable to wear and feels good on the skin you will easily wear your wedding ring daily without any extra thought. The best way to determine which profile suits you best is by trying different ones on. The most common ring profiles are flat, domed, and slightly curved. At Furrer Jacot, we pride ourselves in our comfort fit rings which are curved inside and so comfortable to wear that you will forget you have them on.



In contrast to mass-produced wedding rings, with Furrer Jacot, you have the option to work with our head designer and develop your unique design. Combine your ideal width, metal, stones, and finish to give your wedding ring your very own personal touch. Surprise your partner with your fingerprint engraving inside the ring, or hand-engraving in your handwriting – our skillful engravers will copy your handwriting to the smallest detail. We are lucky at Furrer Jacot to have generations of talented engravers passing down these craft skills.

Whatever you desire for your ideal ring, we will make it possible, because we believe a dream couple deserves dream rings.



An increasingly important aspect besides the quality is the origin and sustainability behind the production of your wedding ring. At Furrer Jacot, you can count on the fact that all rings are 100% Swiss made in our factory in Schaffhausen Switzerland, with a lot of love and passion for craftsmanship. We do not just promise top quality, but we deliver it. All Furrer Jacot rings come with a unique serial number engraved on the interior. Use that number to register your ring online to activate our lifetime warranty and benefit from our commitment to quality.

We hope our tips made it a little easier to find your perfect wedding ring.