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July 11, 2019
Furrer Jacot

What’s Your Size?

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Congratulations, you've proposed!  Now its time to find yourself a special wedding ring that fits perfectly...

Choosing the design is the exciting bit but then you need to make sure you order it in the correct size.  Remember, you’re wearing the wedding band for the rest of your life, so comfort is crucial. There are many different things that affect the size of your finger — from the heat of your hands to the time of day.  So let’s consider those factors, and hopefully by the end of this blog, you’ll be confident that you've got the perfect size. 

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When it comes to choosing your wedding band, here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

A ring that you can easily pull off your finger can just as easily fall off.  The ideal size should slip onto your finger without any pain and sit comfortably at the base of your finger. To take it off, you should have to give it a little wiggle back and forth to get it over the knuckle.  If removing your ring is painful, however, you should consider a larger size. 

Wearing a ring can be a new experience for some customers and it may take time to adjust to wearing one everyday.   For customers who are unused to the sensation, there is the temptation to order a size that is actually too large.  Trust your jeweller.  Once you have worn it for a couple of weeks, you will not notice it at all.  And with time, your finger will mould itself around the ring.

As silly as it sounds, make sure you measure the correct finger.  The ring finger on your right hand will be a different size to your left hand because your dominant hand is always slightly bigger. 

The weather will affect the size of your finger; a little more swollen in the summer, a little looser in the winter. This is due to heat and body temperature.  So take this into account on the day you get measured.  If you choose a ring that is slightly too big on a very warm day, you may find that your ring feels a little too loose in the dead of winter.  

Did you know that alcohol can cause fluid retention in your hands?  When you are dehydrated your body tries to conserve fluid which tends to accumulate in your hands and feet. Even salty snacks can contribute to swollen hands!

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Consider the shape of your fingers.  Some people have very straight fingers while others have more pronounced joints.  If you are getting your ring size from somewhere other than where you are purchasing the ring, then do be careful.  Different jewellers may measure slightly differently and ring sizers are not all the same. 

You should consider the width and profile of the measurers compared to the ring you are ordering.  The width of the band will affect the appropriate size you should order.  A wider band such as 7mm or 9mm will measure differently to a 3mm band.  So don't be fooled into thinking it will be the same size as an existing ring you may have.  A thinner band is much easier to put on and take off. 

Remember not every design can be sized, so please get advice from your jeweller and be confident in your size choice.  

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