Traditional Craftmanship Combined With High Ethical Standards

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August 3, 2021
Furrer Jacot

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips. But talking about it is no longer enough. People are increasingly interested in the origins of products and materials and the human rights, ethics, social, and ecological conditions under which they were produced - even more so for a product close to the skin.

We offer you personalized traceability of your jewelry: With this initiative, we are the first company in the industry to show such comprehensive transparency!



Let's shape the future together: sustainability with lasting value

We understand that traceability and transparency are a growing customer need, not just a short-term trend. Consumers want to see responsible practices. At Furrer Jacot, we are committed to full transparency within the value chain and, in collaboration with the Swiss platform, are the first jewelry company worldwide to disclose complex production processes.


The Traceability Commitment of Furrer Jacot

For ethical reasons, we are committed to the traceability and transparency of our production process. We are committed to disclosing our suppliers to our customers

• The high-quality craftsmanship and individual production process taking place in our listed premises in Schaffhausen which can be tracked.

• 95% to 100% of our precious metals are sourced from recycling materials and therefore meet the demands of sustainability and high ethical standards. 95% to 100% of our precious metals are sourced from recycling materials and therefore meet the demands of sustainability and high ethical standards.

• All our precious gemstones are exclusively sourced by certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). Our Code of Practice (CoP) promotes an ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible and human rights compliant company policy throughout the entire supply chain.

• Producers are committed to the Kimberley Process for fair and responsible trade in diamonds (Kimberley Process Certification Scheme).

• The origin and quality of our gemstones are individually verified. Complete testing verifies them as 100% natural and they are always set by hand.

• Details of shown about the raw and primary materials. Links are provided to the supplier’s websites, traceability commitments, and certifications.



Respect Code by Product DNA

The Swiss company was founded in 2005 by Robin Cornelius. He is known as the "Pioneer of fair trade in textiles". With Product DNA, Robin Cornelius established the very first independent platform of its kind called This platform enables the value chains of products to be rigorously appraised, making them traceable.

Each product has its own QR code. The QR code allows you to view the individual production steps and provides access to additional useful information.


Transparency - How do I get access?

When you purchase a product from Furrer Jacot it comes with a lifetime warranty and a unique serial number. The customer must register on our website to activate the lifelong warranty. On the registration page you have the option of selecting a traceability certificate for your piece of jewelry. If you click on this field, a QR code will be sent to you by e-mail within one week. As soon as you scan this code, you will be taken to the Product DNA platform: