Travelling to beautiful Schaffhausen 2019

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September 1, 2019
Julia Fleming

From Schaffhausen with Love

Walter & Zoe square


When you have a product that you passionately believe in, you desperately want to let people know about it.  It will surprise no-one that marketing and promotion has changed beyond all recognition in recent times.

Realising that social media has become an essential tool in the promotion of any luxury brand, Walter Hausermann, CEO and Owner of Furrer Jacot, has worked hard to put in place the right people and technology to promote the Furrer Jacot brand and now Ashleigh Harris and Zoe Grillo are responsible for promoting the brand via all digital platforms across the UK and USA respectively.  

Last month, Walter invited the two women to visit Schaffhausen, the home of Furrer Jacot since 1858, to meet the people behind the brand and communicate the passion the Furrer Jacot workforce all share.


Zoe Grillo, Ashleigh Harris, some of FJ team


“It is our responsibility to spread the gospel of Furrer Jacot,” Ashleigh explained.  “We want to promote the beauty of Furrer Jacot's jewellery to the world.  It’s more than a brand; it’s a passion.”

The women enjoyed a guided tour through the idyllic medieval town of Schaffhausen and experienced how the beautiful landscape around the town influences many of the jewellery designs. The  largest waterfall in Europe, the stunning Rheinfall, is only 10 minutes from the town and provides a beautiful backdrop to their work. 


Rheinefall inspired designs


Staying true to its values, the company has a unique knowledge of traditional handcrafting which has been passed down over the generations, using the most innovative techniques of manufacture.

Famous for watchmaking, Switzerland is known for engineering excellence and quality manufacture; many premium watch brands originate here including Rolex and Patek Philippe.  Schaffhausen is home to the legendary watch brand, International Watch Company (IWC). 

Similarly, Furrer Jacot produces all pieces to the exact specifications of its chief designer, using top-quality materials and abiding strict ethical standards.  All rings are manufactured by a complete chain of professional craftsmen in house, from designers and model-makers to goldsmiths, stone setters, lathe operators, polishers and engravers.


"Atelier" / workshops


“It’s important to promote the fact that every single piece of Furrer Jacot jewellery is handmade at their factory in Schaffhausen, since 1858” said Zoe.

Zoe and Ashleigh met Lucas Ruppli, the person behind the amazing designs that Furrer Jacot are so renowned for.  Head of Design, Lucas has worn several awards in Europe, the UK and the US, proving that his designs have a truly global appeal.


The origins of the Origami


Lucas explained how a design blossoms from a tiny seed of inspiration.  “We got to walk around Schaffhausen and see how the architecture has inspired some of Furrer Jacot's most successful designs including the famous "Chilli Pepper" so named for its renowned editorial image”.


The origins of the "Chilli" design


 “It was a real pleasure to see first-hand Lucas’ creativity and ability to transform sketches of scenes from nature into magnificent ring designs.  It is no wonder that he has won many awards for his work.”

Having gained an invaluable insight into the product, Zoe and Ashleigh are now working hard to spread the word about Furrer Jacot throughout their respective e-communities.

“The insight and knowledge gained while visiting the Furrer Jacot atelier is unsurpassable,” Zoe explained. “It has been a tremendous privilege to witness first-hand the meticulous process behind each ring and feel a part of the large close-knit team which drives Furrer Jacot. We can’t wait to communicate this passion with others”.

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