UK Retailer Favourites

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July 14, 2019
Ashleigh Harris

Furrer Jacot Favourites

Here at Furrer Jacot, we offer a wide range of designs to suit everyone's style, so we thought we'd get some of our UK retailers to share their favourite Furrer Jacot rings with us...


Lee at Henry D Johnstone

"For me, I personally love the form of this origami style wedding band, design number 71-25220-0-0. It's the perfect example of technical innovation meeting classic simple designs. The folds of the metal edges are so crisp, yet there is a softness to the ring, the brushed finish I love too."


Antony at Lance James the Jewellers

"My favourite Furrer Jacot rings have to be my two wedding rings - my wife is Russian, so we had two ceremonies! One is an 18ct White and Rose gold design for my English wedding, and the other is an 18ct Rose Gold and Carbon Fibre ring for my Russian wedding. Anna had secretly arranged for engraving inside too!"


Emma at Mark Adam Jewellery

"I love this ring because if I were to ever get married again, this is exactly what I would choose as it is essentially three rings in one. I try it on most days when I am working."


Sales Manager Carl Williams at T Henns Jewellers