A Visit to Furrer Jacot's Factory in Schaffhausen, Switzerland!

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April 29, 2013
Furrer Jacot
By Jamie Faitelson (Vice-President of Sales for Furrer Jacot North America)

It was a spectacular morning when I arrived for my first visit to Furrer Jacot nestled in the canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The purpose for my visit is a duality; recently joining the company as well to witness the passionate artisans of Furrer Jacot that have handcrafted the finest luxury wedding bands in the same location since 1858.


I was greeted by Walter Häusermann (on the left in the picture), President of Furrer Jacot, who invited me into his office where he introduced me to FJ's rich history. The most important aspect of our conversation was directed towards the DNA of Authenticity, Excellence & Individuality of the brand. The essence of Furrer Jacot for Mr. Hauserman is the Truth and Uniqueness that the brand brings to every person that wears a Furrer Jacot ring; this is the continuous goal for the brand and its true roots of being an authentic manufacture with no compromise to the company's exclusivity.

I was also introduced to Lucas Ruppli, head designer at Furrer Jacot for 25 years, who informed me that not only I would be able to see the inner workings of the Furrer Jacot factory, but I would be taking part in the production of my own personal Furrer Jacot wedding band as well! That was quite an exciting event and surprise for me!


First I was brought to the vault where all of the precious metals are kept to pick up the extruded blank –a solid piece of highly compressed precious metal. Furrer Jacot never does casting of any kind, what ensures the purity of the product. We then headed over to the milling department, where the blank begins to take its shape through both computer milling and hand lathe turning. To be able to see this precision turning by hand was something fascinating and very impressive.

After my ring got a quick polish we then walked over to the engraving department, where customers can request to have their rings either machined or hand engraved. The art of hand engraving is a rarity; having a single person being able to engrave hand written personal script sent in from all over the world to perfection in such a small area… I was honored to watch this true artisan at work.

Engraving service

Now my ring had one last stop to the polish and finishing room, where it was hand polished and satin finished. All I could say is truly amazing the skill applied to making a single ring by all at every step of the way.


Finally I got to place my ring on my finger and feel this true artesian made product – the comfort fit and feel nothing less than perfect!

Thank you all Furrer Jacot for invitation to your factory, your home and to meet your family of true craftsmanship and manufacture for over 150 years.