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Custom made rings

Furrer Jacot rings are not industrially series-manufactured, but are a real artisan product involving a lot of craftmanship.  This means that you can have rings made in your desired size sometimes within only 24 hours from consultation. Another unique possibility is that:

Furrer Jacot can accommodate any individual wishes

At Furrer Jacot we work in a couture house: each ring is made individually to the order in our own studio. So we can make each piece unique and accommodate the individual  wishes of our customers, whether they’re simple or complex. Take advantage of this!


Easy to individualize:

- Other surfaces

- More diamonds, colored diamonds, diamonds with other placement

- Wider or narrower designs

- Any kind of divides


More complex couture products:

- All kinds of changes/ adjustments to our design rings according to customers’ wishes

- Customized designs from drawings, images or guidelines

Trust in our skilled jewelry makers and head designer

We have made a conscious decision not to use computer CAD tools and industrial production on simple profile rings. Instead we rely on the expertise of our goldsmiths, gem setters, engravers and our head designer in the studio to make consistent rings,

- which are constructed by our staff with real craftmanship

- and must conform to standard profiles.


Hand drawings or a signed picture

With every customized ring, if you want you can keep the hand drawing and also a signed photo of the jewelry maker.


Making a model

If you like we will make initial sketches and models of your ring.


Your jeweler

Your jeweler has a vital role. As the on-site expert they can give you extensive advice about what is technically possible and looks good. We work with specialists local to you.


Discussion with our prizewinning head designer

We are also happy for you to visit us in our studio showroom if you would like to meet our prizewinning head designer.

Inspiration for unique designs by our head designer Lucas Ruppli