Individually made Swiss products, high ethical standards and the very best quality: These are the irrefutable values for which FURRER JACOT is known. The uniqueness and exclusivity of their jewellery are of the highest importance to our clients," observes Lucas Ruppli, FURRER JACOT's international prize-winning head designer, who has been with the company for more than 20 years (since the beginning of his training as a goldsmith!).

A master craftsman for every step - assuring creativity and traditional Quality.

As a modern manufacturer, FURRER JACOT meets its high standards of quality and exclusivity because every single step in the production process is assured by specialists in its own workshops. What does this mean in practice? Under the direction and guidance of the head designer, a complete chain of professional craftsmen from model makers, goldsmiths and diamond setters to turners, polishers and engravers collaborates in-house on every piece in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. "The fact that every single step is carried out seamlessly by specialised craftsmen guarantees the unique combination of traditional inherited know-how and the most innovative technologies. The result is precious and unforgettable jewellery of maximum quality and individuality."

But high standard do not emerge overnight. They grow and develop gradually – when the necessary prerequisites are in place – from timeless processes. "And because the most important prerequisite that one could wish for is highly qualified and motivated craftsmen, it goes without saying that we treat our employees with the greatest care and attention. We constantly seek to improve working conditions and actively facilitate the development of our specialists while promoting the new generation in the best way possible," says Lucas Ruppli, who also has a key training role at FURRER JACOT.

This philosophy, which the company implements daily, manifests itself not only in the "artistry" and quality of FURRER JACOT's design but also in the "every day standards" of flawless production and product durability. And, in the end, this is reflected in the delight of the jewellers and clients who acquire FURRER JACOT pieces, confident in the knowledge that they have acquired pure Swiss-made Craftsmanship.