Coincidences are exceptions in life. Things usually happen for a reason. This is probably why in 1858, company founder Jean Jacques Arbenz established himself in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, where everything indispensable for the production of his discerning jewellery was readily by hand: a notable tradition of craftsmanship aligned with an inspiring environment. The magnificent location on the Rhine, the medieval town centre, the surrounding natural beauty, the overwhelming power of the Rhine Falls. All this was and is a source of a creative strength which has always inspired the development of exceptional pieces of jewellery. Already in the first half of the 20th century, Fritz Furrer had already dedicated passionately to the business. In 1943, he joined forces, in business and in life, with Lucienne Jacot from French-speaking Switzerland.Since then, they have built a partnership based on creativity and precision manufacturing that has endured to this day.

Today Furrer-Jacot stands for a more than 150-year tradition of craftsmanship for custom-made jewellery, particularly exclusive wedding, engagement and eternity rings. Although the former one-man enterprise has developed into a producer of exclusive jewellery with a world-wide presence, dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship and distinctive production remains at the heart of Furrer-Jacot’s thoughts and actions.Distributed through a network of exclusive jewellers Furrer-Jacot nowadays is one of the leading companies for exclusive bridal jewellery.

Lifeline 2017

Left-hand picture:  The extraordinary Snakebone ring design 

Right-hand picture:  Winner of the 25th UK Jewellery Award BRIDAL and the Men's Couture Design Award

Lifeline 2016

Left-hand picture:  Moving to the former Schweizer Stahlwerke AG steel foundry site in Mühlentalstrasse.

Right-hand picture:  Furrer Jacot re-invents the Milgrain design.

Lifeline 2015

Left-hand picture:  Autonomous positioning of the Siara brand 

Right-hand picture:  First steps of Furrer-Jacot’s re-entry into the classic jewellery sector 

Lifeline 2014

Left-hand picture:  Opening of the flagship store in Ginza Main Chome

Right-hand picture:  Launching of a range of solitaires for the US and international markets under the name Lucienne Collection.

Lifeline 2013

Repositioning of our brand DNA: truly and uniquely filling the topic «Bonding», supporting the expanded range. Furrer-Jacot becomes Furrer Jacot

Lifeline 2010_2012
2010 - 2012

Left-hand picture:  Walter Häusermann takes over the company during the 2010 financial crisis and boosts its position as number one in the wedding-ring sector

Right-hand picture:  2012: Launching of the hand-wound Carbon Collection 

Lifeline 2008

Origami: Birth of a further design icon 

Lifeline 2003 Armband with diamonds in gold

Lucas Ruppli wins the De Beers Diamond Award for his best interpretation of the Fire Theme 

Lifeline 2003

Left-hand picture:  Insolent advertising themes create brand presence 

Right-hand picture:  In 2003, the Sculpture Collection sets new standards in wedding ring design 

Lifeline 1998
1998 - 2000

The Chain Ring, launched in 1998, remains a design icon to this day 

1999: Management buyout; 2000: Begin of wedding ring sales in the US and UK markets during a favourable currency situation 

Lifeline 1996

Launching of a special wedding ring range for Japan 

Lifeline 1992

Furrer Jacot presents the revolutionary Ringdividual system sales concept of combinable designs. The jewellery producer turns into a wedding ring manufacturer 

Lifeline 1990

1990: Basler Handelsgesellschaft take over UTC including Furrer Jacot and seek synergies  with Jelmoli department stores and international commerce 

Picture:  Design developed for Japan

Lifeline 1980

Sarabande: High fashion jewellery

Furrer-Jacot expands to Japan

Lifeline 1979

1979: Fritz Furrer surprisingly sells the company to Mr. Joerin in Basel, an oil trader and friend from military service days 

Lifeline 1975

Left-hand picture:  Signet rings, a keystone of the business 

Right-hand picture: 1975: Inauguration of the new building in the street "Gruben" 


Boosting of the export business with the USA and Japan as core markets 

Lifeline 1950

Left-hand picture:  Excerpt from the 1950 design book 

Right-hand picture:  Furrer-Jacot's production facility in Münstergasse

1941 - 1944

1941: Fritz Furrer joins the J.J. Arbenz company as commercial director; in 1943, he takes over the company 

That same year, he marries Lucienne Jacot from La Chaux-de-Fonds and renames the company Furrer-Jacot

Lifeline 1936_1939
1936 - 1939

Excerpt from the design book range for the 1939 Swiss Expo 

Lifeline 1915

Left-hand picture:  Excerpt from the 1915 design book 

Right-hand picture:  J.J. Arbenz' expanding facility with partially mechanical prefabrication in Sporrengasse.

Lifeline 1872

In 1872, the flourishing business has 26 employees 

Lifeline 1858

After his apprenticeship in Geneva, Jean Jacques Arbenz opens his own goldsmith's workshop in 1857. The following year, he accepts the offer to move his business to the ground floor of his family’s in Schaffhausen. As a comment on the first closing date in his ledger, he enters Que je suis heureux! - "How happy I am!"