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Furrer-Jacot products are worn for generations. Therefore, we appreciate your purchase as the beginning of a lifelong partnership. Every Furrer-Jacot ring comes with a certificate of origin. This certificate, includes the full details regarding your piece of jewellery. The certificate also serves as your guarantee and includes all information necessary to register your jewellery on our website. Every Furrer-Jacot product has its own serial number. For the guarantee to be valid, the certificate must be properly filled out, dated and stamped by a Furrer-Jacot authorised retailer. It is only valid if the jewellery was sold through an authorised Furrer-Jacot retailer.

Engraving Service
Engraving service

You can bestow your rings with a further personal touch by having an inscription or a symbol of your choice engraved, whether by classic machine, laser or by hand. But that is not all! The skilled craftsmen at Furrer-Jacot can also faithfully engrave an inscription in your own handwriting or a personal drawing into the inside of the ring. Traditional and unique craftsmanship of the highest standard!

Refinishing Service
Refinishing service

In order to ensure that the purchase of your piece of jewellery becomes a lifelong experience, Furrer-Jacot offers its registered customers a special service. Our goldsmiths will refurbish your piece of jewellery, and our diamond setters will check diamond settings, free of charge, within two years after the purchase date. In accordance with the lifetime guarantee conditions, we also offer you this service at the end of every subsequent 10-year period. Wear marks, which every ring exhibits after a certain time, are completely normal and give the ring part of its character. In addition, from the second year after purchase, Furrer-Jacot offers its registered customers a free resizing of the ring, as well as an additional free resizing (except material costs) if you pass the piece of jewellery on to a direct heir. If the ring has an engraving of personal handwriting, it will be retained with the altered ring. These complementary services are exclusive of post and packaging costs. Subsequent servicing is subject to a fee. These special services and registration are available for rings ordered after April 1st 2011. For rings ordered and purchased before this date we offer the services as defined in the warranty certificate.

Regular Warranty Service
Regular warranty service

Furrer-Jacot products are worn for generations. Therefore, we appreciate your purchase as the beginning of a lifelong partnership. FURRER-JACOT will provide you with the statutory guarantee against material and processing defects. The sole exclusions are damage as a consequence of an accident, negligent care or as a result of normal wear and tear.Depending upon the use of the ring, we recommend that you visit your jeweller’s one to two years after your purchase to have your piece checked and professionally examined. If necessary, he will forward us your ring for professional servicing. It goes without saying that we will service your piece of jewellery regardless of its age.As a distinguishing mark, each ring is stamped with the FJ logo. Furrer-Jacot vouches for “Swiss made” quality and the authenticity of the materials used (both precious metals and stones). Our rings are produced in accordance with the highest standards of Swiss goldsmith art.